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Park Street House, Queenstown. Warren and Mahoney Architects.

A sublime family home on the edge of Lake Wakatipu that features a dramatic staircase and concrete wood cast walls with superb cedar panelling and ceilings. The home feels intimate and expansive at the same time.



20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0070 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0004 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0012 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0021 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0023 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0025 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0027 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0047 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0057 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0074 20160323_WAM_ParkSt_0075

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