Loop Road House, Queenstown. Warren and Mahoney Architects

Warren and Mahoney’s design for a large luxurious house in Kelvin Heights, Queenstown has created a striking entrance through a semi opaque outdoor staircase shaft, utilising very modern materials that glow when lit at night. The rooms all look to utilise the waterfront views.

20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0006 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0008 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0011 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0014 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0026 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0028 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0060 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0062 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0065 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0097 20160323_WAM_LoopRd_0117

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