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Warren and Mahoney Architects. Parkbridge Pool house.

Warren and Mahoney Architects recently completed this serene private pool house and exterior walls for the residents of Parkbridge on a prominent site by Hagley Park in Christchurch.
They installed a playful night lighting scheme in the pool that when viewed from outside evokes a James Turrell art work effect.

20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0013 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0034 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0038 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0040 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0049 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0054 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0058 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0070 20160326_WAM_Poolhouse_0084

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